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“Love Rain” not so strong ratings!

ahhhhh “Love Rain” a drama I had much anticipated. How could I not have been excited for it. Two of my fav’s were cast as the lead roles. Yoona from SNSD and Jang geun suk. (refere to : Love Rain for more info). After the end of “Dream High 2,” another drama that disappointed  me. I was hoping “Love Rain” would fill my void for a new GREAT drama. It had a quite a slow start, that did not bother me much. Considering many great drama’s start of slow but end up great! What did bother me was how the story played out. Much to my surprise I did not like Yoona’s acting, I have come to realize her acting is a hit or a miss with me. It was a hit in “You Are My Destiny”. I really wanted to connect with her and the story but for some reason I found myself unable to do so. Since there has only been 4 episodes up, I still have high hope’s and hoping the modern day ere story-line, and character development will improve. Hopefully after i see improvement’s I will be hooked.

Yoona and JGS

I am sure I’m not alone in this, considering the ratings have not been so great for “Love Rain”. The premiere of “Love Rain” only had a

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A Up-close Look at Dream High Season 2!

        So like every other Dream High Fan! I had patiently anticipated the season 2 cast announcement. Of course, I was praying/hoping for the original cast to reprise their role. Since praying doesn’t always work for me, I still had hope. Unfortunately, as you all know now, all hope was gone as soon as I heard the new cast announcement. They are a bunch of new face’s that I am looking forward to watch with a very open mind non-judgmental way.

Let’s take a look at the new cast, shall we?

Kirin Arts High School Students

-Kang So Ra – as  Shin Hae Sung

~ She will be playing a student who is really smart but doesn’t contain any great/special talent~

*Kang So Ra is well know actress probably for the movie “Sunny” and also well know as the couple (with Leetuek for Super Junior)on “We Got Married”.

-Jin Woon – as Jin Yoo Jin

~ He will be playing a student who dreams of becoming a rock star~

*Jin Woon is a member of the kpop group “2AM”. I fell in love with the group “2AM” because of the first season Dream High ost “Can’t I Love You”.

Video Credit:

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Threads of Fate- Chapter 3

Hi all!!! Here it is the long awaited chapter three!! I know the wait was long so I’m gonna keep it short and let you commence the reading 🙂 Quick mention though, to all the wonderful readers who always take the time to comment and support me, it means so much to me I cant even begin to describe it. Simply put, it is because of you guys that I continue writing. Thank you so much for all your continued support!! On with the show!

Disclaimer- I do not own Rurouni kenshin…nope not me 😛


Chapter 3

Kaoru sighed gratefully as the small village finally came into view. They had been walking for close to an hour now although it felt much longer. The day was only just reaching mid to late afternoon but already Kaoru felt tired. They had left the market after a hasty lunch and quick run through the market to finish off buying the items left on list that the elder had given them. After they had moved away from the area where all the clothing were sold in the market, Kaoru had been quick to find a small stall that sold simple soups and noodles that she and Tsubame could consume quickly. After they had perched themselves on small stools lining the small counter running around the food stall, Kaoru had turned to Tsubame wanting to get her take on the event that had occurred earlier.

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Update! Jang Geun Suk and Yoona’s upcoming drama “Love Rain”

As I mentioned before “Love Rain” is the title of the new upcoming Korean drama, starring Jang Geun Suk (A top Hallyu Star) and SNSD’s YoonA in it! “Love Rain” is directed by Yoon Suk Ho and written by Oh Soo Yeon, The same writer and director of the well-known drama’s “Autumn in My Heart” and “Winter Sonata”. “Autumn in My Heart” and “Winter Sonata” had a well-loved reaction by its audience and had a huge growth in popularity all around Asia. As expected from Oh Soo Yeon and Yoon Suk Ho’s previous dramas, “Love Rain” has already received a large interest and popularity overseas. Much of the international popularity is thanks to the main cast leads’ SNSD’s YoonA and Hallyu Star Geun Suk.

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Which Drama Genre You Love Best!

Heartstrings: a Latecomer’s Review

When you’re at the school, the thing that the teachers hate the most is their students coming late to the class. The latecomers would be the targets for chalks, dusters, books, marker caps, pen holders (ouch!), or simply ‘words of wisdom’ from their teachers. That scenario, thankfully, never happen in kdramaland, where everyone is allowed to enjoy it as they like without being pressured. It’s never too late for someone to enjoy what other have enjoyed and moved on. So that’s being me, in the case of Heartstrings a.k.a You’ve Fallen for Me. Months after it ended, the feeling has finally kicked in, and I decide to watch it. And it’s a ride with completely different feelings compared to the first time I watched it.

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Litre of Tears Drama Review

Tittle : Litre Of Tears
Genre: Drama/Real Life
Cast : Erika Sawajiri – Aya Ikeuchi
Ryō Nishikido – Haruto Asō (Aya’s later love interest)

~I’d Like to start of saying this drama indeed is one of my favorite dramas of all time because it is my favorite I was compelled to write a heartfelt essay type review, let me know what you all think, thanks~

Litre of Tears is a drama which originated from a real life story of a girl named Aya Kito and her diary filled with remarkable events which led up to her inevitable death. Aya Kito at the early age of 15 was diagnosed with a disease called Spinocerebellar Degeneration. Incidentliy Aya kito’s disease will cause her to lose all control of her body, but retain her mental abilities. Moreover, It will later enable her to talk, eat, or walk. “A Litre of Tears” is Aya Kito’s story about how she endured through an incurable disease that will slowly kill her day by day.

The story line has an originality for me that I hadn’t at first seen in many dramas (yes I’m well aware now that their are quite a few dramatic Asian drama’s out there). So, the story starts of showing Aya as a pretty innocent teenage girl at the brink of her life. After the discovery of her disease is reveled in the movie, the movie takes a dramatic turn of how Aya is displayed then on. In other words, Aya is no longer viewed as innocent, young or naïve to life. We start to see her as a warrior in the midst of a war in her life. In essence, a war best describe as her difficult fight against her disease to live. Watching her fight this awful disease day to day in the drama, gives the drama that great quality it needed to stand out as a film. As a whole, it’s a beautiful story about a tragic life that remains inspirational to me.

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Threads of Fate- Chapter 2

Hello everyone!! Well the second chapter is finally ready and up. Plot is thickening and there is a little bit more insight into our characters 😀 Hope you enjoy, and please read and comment as always!!


Chapter 2

Kaoru was abruptly awoken from her light slumber, her hand automatically reaching for her scabbard as her eyes raced around trying to get her bearings. Sitting up quietly she glanced around the room and tried to place what had awakened her. The fire had burned down to embers and cast a very muted light around the sitting room. Lying quietly Kaoru listened for the noise that had woken her. There was silence for a few more minutes before she heard it again. There was a soft noise like a strangled sob coming from across the room. Looking over to Tsubame’s futon she could see that the child seemed to be quivering as her blanket was moving slightly. Making her way over quietly to Tsubame’s side, her heart contracted slightly to see Tsubame’s state. The teen was curled into a tight ball, hands clenched, and was drenched in sweat. Tears where making tracks down her cheeks and occasionally a strangled sob seemed to force its way out of her throat.

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New Chit Chat Box Added!

Just in case anyone wanted to talk up a storm about Asian dramas, All Asian pop music, Anime and all other things I’m addicted too. Your more then welcome to start a instant chat with me below! Its always fun to talk about stuff you love 🙂

Threads of Fate- Chapter 1

Author’s note- Ohayo minna-san!! So here is the long awaited and long promised first chapter of my rurouni kenshin fanfiction! It takes place in an alternate universe setting of my own creation but of course has all the beloved characters from the anime. I hope you all enjoy!!

Disclaimer- I do not own Rurouni Kenshin. It is the sole property of Nobuhiro Watsuki.

Chapter One: The first threads intertwine

The sun blazed high in the noon sky over the dry land. As the rays traveled down to strike the earth, one lone traveler tilted their broad rimmed hat further down to protect themselves from the harsh rays. The lone traveler walked steadily down the dusty, beaten road with little else moving in either direction. A few trees dotted the sides of the road but other than that little else could be seen. Through the screeching of the vultures high in the sky, one could hear the soft shuffle of the traveler’s long wide legged pants sifting softly against the dry road. Light puffs of dust kicked up each time the travelers sensible, comfortable shoes moved down the road. A brown dusty cloak draped over the traveler and through the openings of the cloak, a scabbard could be seen strapped to a lean hip.

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